Hospital texts!

I am so glad for modern technology most of the time! Yes there are times I curse it, such as when we are sitting at the table eating and someone (you know who you are) is sitting on their tablet checking facebook!

But mostly i does add a wonderful benefit, particularly to my ageing forgetful brain! Our local surgery can now send you a text message to remind you that you have an appointment, it usually does this a few days before the appointment – and possibly the day before. Similarly the hospital where I attend for various health problems, also sends reminder texts. Only this time, I feel they have gone a bit bonkers!

It started Monday with a text reminding me I had an appointment next Tuesday. Great I said as I checked my calendar for confirmation. Tuesday, another text arrived informing me I had the same appointment! A little later on and the same text arrived again. By now I was wondering what was happening, and actually someone was purposely winding  me up! But that was it…

Until this morning when I had yet another text to tell me about the same appointment. Don’t get me wrong I’m quite happy to get the texts but not in quantity! Luckily they seem to have ceased at the moment, so fingers crossed my hospital stalker will be no more! Until next time I need a reminder of course…



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