Blood tests

I hate blood tests! Not because they hurt, but because the doctor/nurse/phlebotomist can never find the vein to get the red fluid to start. I recall being taken to hospital after an operation and after quite a few attempts by the aforementioned personnel no one could get anything from me. Finally a doctor came and explained I was going to need a femoral stab, this he explained was a groin area needle to get access to a vein. And so I lie still while he attempted to  legally ‘stab me’. He failed, and so some superior being was called, who managed to get a direct line into my vein in my hand. To make life easy they put a cannula in, this would be beneficial for giving drugs and taking bloods apparently! Another time at my own GP I was a whole hour having blood with once again various professionals trying. In fact they brought my wife from the waiting room, and offered me tea!

So you can imagine how I feel every year knowing they are going to have once again to try for bloods. And last week was no different as I entered the white clinical room. The young lady asked which arm they usually take it from, and I simply replied “Either or my hand whichever is easiest”. The first arm refused to show any veins as she tapped and prodded my arm. Moving to the second arm, I wasn’t too confident but she managed first time to get all the blood she needed. My only problem was  the tests required wasn’t all I needed and because they had come from a hospital in a different county, they couldn’t add anything to the form. So I now need to mention it at my appointment in August.


4 thoughts on “Blood tests

  1. I too have found that to be true. At least now that mom has retired. She was a medical technologist (lab rat) for 40 years – and she started back in the day when a tech took their own blood instead of sending some ill-trained high school kid out to do it. Mom could get blood from the tiniest veins – she said you have to “feel” for the vein and not just expect it to pop up on top of the skin. I think that just be the biggest mistake doctors/nurses/Phlebotomists make.

  2. I have to confess it amazes me how ‘some’ people can and some people can’t! That said when I did a first aid at work course a few years back I could never (and I mean never) find the pulse in the wrist! Surprisingly I still passed the test and became ‘qualified first -aider at work’ (this was before the accident). So I guess it would be a similar thing possibly? I note you say they should ‘feel’ for them, does this include the smacking part? They do tend to ‘prod’ with a finger, where as I would have thought (and correct me if I am wrong) that sliding a finger across the surface of the arm, would show ‘bumps’ more than poking? Thank – you for the comment

  3. Blood tests can reveal the overall health of your body, therefore, it is necessary to get a blood test at least once a year.

    Have a great day!

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