Three little tykes

When My parents used to say to me that Grand children were in some ways better to have than children, not least because you can hand them back – I had my doubts. But now having three wonderful grand children I can confirm their words, Grand children are in some ways a complete joy. I guess it’s because you haven’t got the responsibility of their every day care, and possibly as you are getting older you cold also have more patience and time.

My first grandchild was a boy, and my wife was privileged to be at his birth, while I waited in the waiting room until the moment I could see him. At just gone midnight (I think he deliberately held off because he didn’t want to share his Nanny’s birthday) I was called into a room which was covered in blood, and my daughter was sitting in a bath of water. And then I saw him, a precious bundle wrapped in a towel, and as his father handed him to me to be the first grand parent to give him a cuddle – I felt an instant bond. That bond had remained and he is still the apple of my eye!

Next came our first Grand daughter, unfortunately my daughter was now completely under her (now) ex-partners spell and we were ultimately banned from being involved in her birth. She was born and we got the phone call, and the duty visit but the bond I felt with the first one was certainly missing, and has just been uncovered as she turned two-years old. We both (my wife and I) felt we missed out a lot of her life in ways.

And lastly, the youngest grand-daughter from our other daughter. As she had no partner we were heavily involved in her pregnancy and the little ones birth, and once again a bond was formed. My daughter and the littlest grand child live with us, and boy is she active – at nearly eighteen months she is already going through the terrible twos!

I am glad that we are close to and see our grand children and children often, but it would be nice to have a little time to ourselves occasionally!


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