Type one is so much worse than type two isn’t it?

OK I’m going to have another rant at some type one diabetic who thinks that type one is so much worse than type two, it isn’t! According to Diabetes UK they say both types are equally serious if not kept in check. And I am living proof of that, as my you may be aware if you have read my blog for a while: I currently have (since March) a stump sore (my leg amputation was caused by trauma not diabetes) which has refused to heal. While I discharged myself from the weekly nurse dressing I have got the Inadine dressings n repeat prescriptions so am able to do my own dressings without the fear of running out of either that or the other dressing.

So how comes type one diabetic always seem to think that they are so much worse than type 2? Well it is of course because they are born with the condition, where by type 2’s earn the condition by over eating, being lazy, and not working (this is the obvious impression one gets from some type 1’s). I would like to put it straight as I see it.

Type one diabetics are given the annual flu vaccination – so are type two

Type one diabetics get complications from uncontrolled sugar levels – so do type two

Type one diabetics take insulin – so do some type two (myself included  who takes FOUR jabs per day)

Type one diabetics are hard-working – so are type two (Type two diabetics don’t just not work nor do type one)

Type one diabetics have to watch everything they eat – oddly enough so do type two.

So what do this constant stream of type ones drivelling on about how poorly they are? I’ll give them that, they do seem to moan a lot more about how bad they are than type twos.

But in my eyes (and D-UK have said the same) ALL diabetics are the same, yes the causes and treatments may be different, but ultimately diabetes is diabetes whatever ‘version’ you have. Both can lead to serious complications, both need checking regularly, and both need a sensible diet. Additionally unless a type two is on medication they don’t get free prescriptions, so please do think before you open you mouth in future, because from where I stand there is enough discrimination against diabetes – so shouldn’t we stand together?


5 thoughts on “Type one is so much worse than type two isn’t it?

  1. thanks for the info dave, my youngest daughter daisy was confirmed type 1 on the 13th dec aged 14 months nobody on either side of mine our mums family have never had type 1 as far as vwe are aware

  2. Thanks for the comment Tony. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis, it must be particularly difficult in young children, especially if they are treated on medication! Was it a routine blood test that showed the diabetes up or did Daisy have symptoms that required a doctor visit?

  3. My dad, who was diagnosed with Type II diabetes after his retirement, died of complications related to it. I don’t mean it was a part of his cadre’ of ailments in old age, I mean his death was directly related to the Type II diabetes he had. So, I agree with you, there is not one that is worse than the other. My dad used to laugh when a physician would say his first stroke was a mini-stroke – he always said he had experienced both kinds and neither would be considered “mini” had they experienced it. As we would say here in the south part of the U. S. – “Preach it brother, preach it!”

  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad, my own dad had several strokes (mini and big), although he was never diagnosed with diabetes at any stage. It is very true to say that both types of diabetes (or 3 if you include gestational) are equally important in diabetes care, although they are diagnosed in different types of people

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