Olympic torch travels through my town!

I was umming and arring whether I would go to see the Olympic torch travel through our town in Suffolk at the weekend. As it didn’t rain, I gave in and went to the bottom of our hill and sat and waited. As the crowds swelled, the excitement grew – as to the cheeriness of the crowd. I was sat alone near the start, as my ‘gang’ had gone a little down the road’ and I had initially tried to turn around, but finding I was stuck I decided to stay put. And I’m quite glad I did too, as it was great. Additionally it just gave me time to text ‘the gang’ so they could get their cameras ready. Below is the video I managed to take from my position, it isn’t very long but for me it is memorable.


5 thoughts on “Olympic torch travels through my town!

    • It was really good Tony, and as someone said with all the people on the street (and there were lots), there was no trouble (with the exception of a bike who ventured a little too close for comfort). Hope you have a good time on Wednesday, will you be going?

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