Hidden sugar in food!

When I say there is hidden sugar in a lot of food, you will undoubtedly be unsurprised! But having seen a recent magazine article about the subject I WAS Surprised by just how much in some cases.

In the first instance let’s say you fancy a curry, but as there is only you to cook for you decide to pick up a supermarket pre-made one. A nice korma with pilau rice (550g worth).  So as you tuck into the rather tasty curry you get to think “I wonder if there is any sugar in here” (as you would lol). Well if I were to tell you there was, you might not be surprised, but how would you feel if I said there was in fact 3 sugar cubes in your delicious food? Yes I was shocked by just how much, particularly when you consider that a sugar cube is meant to be roughly equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar!

Now you’re obviously feeling thirsty so you pick up a standard can of cola and drink the whole lot down in one go. You have just consumed in that can alone a whopping 9 sugar cubes! Which is probably why we diabetics are advised to drink the non diet variety if we suffer a hypo! So you total is now 12 sugar cubes!

But after that a friend rings and suggest you meet in town in the coffee shop, and you opt for a standard hot chocolate with cream. And just because you pick up a standard bar of chocolate. Amazingly you hot chocolate comes in at even more than the non-diet cola at 10 sugar cubes and the chocolate bar is another 4 cubes, your total is now 26 cubes! But your still thirsty, so you buy a flavoured mineral water, which bumps your sugar cube total up by 5 cubes to 31 sugar cubes.

Oh yes and what about your breakfast this morning? That bowl of rice and wheat flakes is 1 sugar cube while the portion of baked beans on toast brings your total up to 37 sugar cubes (approx). This is 3 for your beans and the rest for the white toast!

So now imagine sitting and eating 37 sugar cubes in one go! Not a nice thought I’m sure you’ll agree. But these examples (courtesy of diabetesUK magazine balance) certainly got me thinking! We just open our mouths and eat don’t we, without much thought about the actual content of the food going in.


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