Trades bodies are they worth it?

In this post I could rant on  about what I have encountered over the past year or so, but I won’t instead I will divulge basics only to spare you the lengthy tales.

It all began when I needed a new mobility scooter, as someone who has difficulty walking my mobility scooter is a life line. So when my old one packed in, I was housebound unless someone was available to push me in my manual wheelchair.  So i searched online and came across (also They had decent reports and belonged to a trade association set up to protect the individual and make the seller more trust worthy.

So after I had a whole year of trouble with Better life, I contacted the bhta who investigated. In fairness to Betterlife health care (now owned by Lloyds pharmacy) they admitted they had ‘failed’ in my care. So what did bhta do? In a word Nothing. Despite me writing several letters, and emails, and making several telephone calls: And writing emails to the head of the company I got no further on, and my frustration was boiling. Annoyed I contacted BBC’s consumer programmes, and consumer magazines too. But as of yet I have heard nothing. But I still keep up the fight.

Part of my issue is that I am relatively young and have perhaps more stamina than others who use the type of products the company sells (meaning the elderly and vulnerable who might not have the ‘botheredness’ to fight).

So now some months after the company admitted (in letter) to the bhta that they failed, they still remain on the btha’s book with no mention of any problems. Which makes me think what is the point of the BHTA? Because this is not my first encounter with them, where they did nothing to help. You see my mum was more or less ‘forced’ to buy an electric wheelchair from another bhta company, and they refused to refund her her deposit. We went to citizens advice in the end and they sorted it out. But even they admitted it was bad.

I really am unable to see the point of a ‘trade association’ they works solely for the purpose of the retailer and doesn’t really give a monkey about the person buying the products. So to sum up I would not recommend And if you see  the company is a member of do not take it that it actually means anything good for you! Avoid both, and if possible go local – you’ll probably get a much better deal and service.


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