Weather forecating

I just got a letter from the hospital to go and have some blood work for my annual check up in August. Along with the letter came a form which I am being asked to complete while waiting for my appointment to begin. In the form it asks questions about whether you have any problems related to your diabetes: Do you feel happy?: Do you have erectile deficiency?; and so forth… And then there are the blood test forms which have this  year omitted my thyroxine count which needs doing every year at least! So when I book in for bloods I am going to have to ask them to take a little extra.

Prior to that I have an invitation from the same hospital asking me whether I would like to enter into trials for a new drug! I’d be expected to attend the hospital several times, and they would give me a meal then I’d have to swallow a medical device pill that would track the food I eat until it passed out the other end! And on top of all this I could only eat the food they provide. They would also collect ‘breath samples’ four times after the meal. It sounded a right hassle, and while I realise these sort of trials need to be done, I don’t really have any problems with my stomach to note.

On a lighter note this picture cold teach the weather forecasters a thing or two…
















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