My Ole man said follow that van and don’t dilly dally on the way!

Saturday was a lovely day here and we decided to take a trip a few miles up the road to Bury St Edmunds – our town’s sister town. As luck would have it the sun shone for 99.99% of our visit, which made so much difference. So after a morning of shopping in the town’s brand new Arc shopping centre we decided to go and feed the birds in the town’s beautiful Abbey Gardens. And low and behold they were staging an event to celebrate the armed forces, and this included  a sing-song. Now despite the fact that I wasn’t born in the war (not until 1960 in fact) I could manage to sing a few words: “Roll out the barrel, we’ll have a barrel of fun. Roll out the barrel let’s get the blues on the run” You see my mum – while not an accomplished singer was always singing old war-time songs – feel good songs – fun songs! Another favourite was ‘knees up mother Brown, knees up mother Brown, under the table you must go e -i – e -i o, and if I catch you bending I’ll saw your legs right off”. OK I’ll not carry on singing for anyone with delicate ear drums, but it was a really nice day and brought home how great the comradeship must have been during those long and difficult times.

So on Sunday I cooked the recipe I posted on Saturday cheddar risotto, and I was amazed at how quick and easy it was – and that from a chef who can burn water! Although the meal didn’t go without its hitches as the sausages we had with the risotto was how can I put it – slightly overdone for many people’s liking. And I’m sure the garlic bread said 20 minutes! So now I can follow recipes OK, I just need to get the timings if I cook something else to go with it. In all fairness to me, I was like a raging bull as I shouted in reply to some questions. My brain simply couldn’t cope with trying to fathom out the recipe, not burning the other things AND talking. Yes I admit I cannot multi task! according to the female of our race it is a male thing! And judging by my behaviour in the morning I tend to agree.

Next weekend is set to be exciting too, as the Olympic flame travels through our town, AND it is the town’s annual show too. The town show is usually pretty good and well run, and with the Olympic flame expecting to bring out tens of thousands of people a busy time will be had for sure.

Also yesterday I changed my tune of the week – have a nose in the right hand column>>


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