Angry birds

Whether you play or not, you will have undoubtedly heard about the hugely popular angry birds game! In fact the game is so popular you can now buy clothing, mobile phone games, and all types of accessories!

And I have to confess I am addicted to the game, especially as you can now play in tournaments on Facebook! So what is the hype all about? Well, it is a simple enough game, the aim of it being that you need to ‘pop’ all the birds/pigs on the game page with the given tools (which vary). Some of your tools can explode and cause more havoc, some shoot through wooden blocks and you can play against your friends too – which makes it more addictive. But for me another addiction (and I do use the term addict/ion loosely), each game has three stars and you gain the stars by scoring high scores. So for example if you pop all the birds you might get 100,000 points and one star. But if you try again and pop all the birds and score 110,000 you might get 2 stars and so forth up to three stars!  There is no telling about how many points you need to get the maximum scores, but I always try to get three stars on each level.

There are plenty of different levels and versions to play depending on where you are playing, and if you use Google chrome as your browser you can even download the game into your browser to play! If your travelling and have an appropriate mobile phone, you can also play on that too. Unfortunately, my phone isn’t capable of playing games like that so  I travel with music via my ipod.

So if you play you will know what I am talking about, if you don’t head over to Angry bird website and check it out




P.S Did you notice my new tune of the week? I try to update it on Sunday or Monday, please do check it out>>>


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