Here we go again…

Tuesday morning our phone run pretty early, it was my in-laws – well my father – in -law to be more precise. He declared to my wife that he couldn’t get out of bed, and asked if she could come up to ‘cope’ with her mum. At roughly 8am and with breakfast just out-of-the-way, the phone call was totally unexpected (in fact I thought it might be my mum following the phone call from my brother the other day – see later in post).

My mother – in – law is at least a hypochondriac. I’m not being nasty just factual. She gasps for breath when people are watching her and paying her attention,but distract her and that breathlessness vanishes. I’m not saying it is a medical problem because if it is that, then it is classed as a medical condition. And to say she is hard work, is an under statement to hard work! She is a constant attention seeker who drives everyone nuts – including me. Which is a bit odd because I always try to give the benefit of the doubt, and try to put myself in their position. But with her it is extremely difficult – if not impossible. And I won’t even mention brother-in-law number 2, because if I do I would write for England and you;d be reading through to next week! But suffice to say he is golden boy, and I will say no more.

My wife called the doctor out and it turns out that Father – in – law has an infection, which if after taking antibiotics is better by Thursday he needs to contact the doctor again.

It has by all accounts been a ‘parent type week’. It started with a phone call from my brother (a few hours after my visiting her) saying: The care home has been on the phone and want to know if we agree to an end of life pack. It would mean not offering life saving assistance if she needs it. At 83 my mum is a fraction of her former self, and indeed has nigh on lost her brain power – her life is by all accounts – boring and worthless. So I agreed, I hate to see my mum as she is. But it got me thinking, and thinking and thinking. It kept me awake, and to me the question he posed simply meant she was on the verge of death – despite me having seen her earlier in the day. As it transpired they were ‘just enquiring’ to put it in place for the future.

And now with the in -laws once again demanding, the week has been less than enjoyable. Especially if you add the fact I am still worried about my blood sugars and my stump wound is still oozing blood.

But we are strong[ish] and will overcome this, because if you add to what you can read here there is plenty more things under the surface bubbling, including ill-health problems for my wife.


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