Freebies galore

I love freebies! And boy have I had my fair share over the years. But there are also freebies to be used on your computer as alternatives or replacements or just for new.

For example there are alternatives to Microsoft Word:

Libre Office is a highly recommended office suite, that offers a host of things from word through to

spreadsheets and presentations and all for FREE. I’ve been using it for some time now and have had no

problems with it whatsoever, an din turn have no worries about recomneding it. I mean why would

you pay hard earned money for something that ultimately does the same job? I think only the rich or

silly would pay for something because of the name (of course it would be different if you think a

payable version is ‘better’) Alternative Free office suite include Open Office,  and Star Office

Now let’s turn our attention to Free anti-virus software:

Firstly, it may be worth checking with your bank if they provide Free anti-virus software. Currently in the UK Barclays offer free Kaspersky protection for their online customers, and for RBS and Nat West customer there is security from Rapport (also with Santander). But if you don’t have an account with these there are options available…

These include AVG which is one of the better known names, also well-known is Avast! We’ve used both of these in the past before getting the free software from our bank, and can vouch they both have good reports and work well.  Alternatives which we haven’t tried but have heard good calls to include: Avira,  and Zone Alarm

Next we go to on-line blogs, and obviously the best include WordPress and Blogger. I am obviously with WordPress at the moment, but have been worth blogger too and liked both. It was a difficult decision to move from Blogger to here WordPress, but I decided I preferred the layout. Blogs are a great way to let the world know about your life, a passion, a recipe, or hobby or anything else that you wish. Obviously, there are limits to their willingness to obligate certain items, and no affiliate links are usually allowed.

There are lots and lots of freebie tools and downloads you can use from games to crossword and puzzle creators, and much much more.
Tucows, Download are two top spots and why not try computeractive if you  follow the popular British magazine (or not come to that)


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