Giving up!

Over the past few months I have been mentioning about my ‘sore leg’ and being treated by the surgery nurse, due to circumstances I had to cancel one appointment, which I then remade. Unfortunately, this was for last Friday and I had completely forgotten that I had agreed to Babysit for my daughter while she went to an induction day with her son. So I had to cancel it again. Luckily I have the items at home to do the dressing myself, and it is getting dressed more than then once a week. Luckily, although still sore the soreness doesn’t always seem as bad as it did.

Does this mean my diabetes is well controlled now? No not in the slightest, in fact my sugars are still almost constantly running high. And I have to confess that in the last few days I feel like I just can’t be bothered with even bothering to control it – as it seems unless I eat literally a slice of bread three times a day they go up. So I have on two occasions thought “What the heck” And eaten what I wanted rather than what I should. It’s easy when you are standing on the outside to criticise and say ‘Oh get over it’ but it is dragging me down I confess.

I‘m currently under the hospital having high sugars for a while, and they changed my insulin. The doctor made another appointment for September (although I have my annual check up in August) which I felt was quite a long time (6 months)! I wonder whether other diabetics feel like this? I’d love to hear from you…
My diet isn’t perfect and I should eat more vegetables but I dislike vegetables on the whole, with very few getting the ‘ok’ which include swede & peas. I do like my fruit though which helps counteract the dislike of vegetables. But ultimately it IS what you put in your body that raises or lowers your blood sugars isn’t it? And I realise that I have been a bit silly with my recent indulgence. But I also realise that I am human with human feelings too.


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