It’s Friday!

Yesterday was a glorious day here in the UK, which makes a refreshing change from the continuous downpours of rain we have been having. In fact we’ve had so much rain the hose pipe ban has been lifted as the Reservoirs become fuller. And what a year for strawberries! I’ve had loads from my garden this year, and they are simply the best: Sweet, full of flavour and large! But waking up this morning yesterday became but a distant memory, as the heavens opened and the rain came tumbling down! Non-stop!

But at least its Friday! And Friday is the start of the weekend! Yippee! A lot of people have a couple of days off, and work takes a back seat for two whole glorious days! Hopefully the sun will make an appearance, but according to the forecast it’s rain all the way through until mid next week at least – lovely! BUT having seen the dreadful drought in Africa on the news for the past few days has hit home, and actually brought a tear to my eye. Seeing little babies and children literally starving to death was horrific, and here I sit through food away because it is out of date. And when I think of what the supermarkets throw away it is a sheer waste. Why can’t they send all the canned near/out of date goods over to Africa, they showed how children were hungrily eating little long life packets of peanut paste – just 28p per sachet! 28p to help save a little life is affordable by mostly everyone surely?

The above picture is one of a young child whom is suffering, but there are far worse – the scenes as you may have seen on your own TV are quite harrowing.

On a different subject now: Yesterday I made a Minced beef Teviot pie, this is basically a layer of minced beef (with a tin of mixed vegetables added) covered in a suet pastry (like suet dumpling in stews and things). I served it with new potatoes and have to confess it was really tasty (despite me cooking it).

Anyway I am going to leave you now, I might blog over the weekend depending on time restrictions but until next time stay safe.



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