Erectile deficiency and you heart…

Yesterday I was browsing a website about Men’s Health Week (YOLO: You Only Live Once). And on the homepage was a questionnaire, which I humbly did. However to the question that went something like: Which is the best indicator of having a heart attack in the next five years I wanted to tick Smoking, alcohol, overweight, cholesterol. But I had no urge to tick Erectile deficiency, and yet surprisingly this very option was the correct answer. apparently if men suffer from ED then they should seek medical assistance straight away, as it is a big indicator of future heart problems. I was to say the least surprised, I had no idea that ED could (not always) be a future heart problem – did you?

Of course ED is a common problem for diabetic men as it goes, something to do with the blood flow through the erect penis not flowing properly due to constriction of vessel and so forth. So if ED becomes a more than a ‘one off’ then you really do need to seek a doctors advice. Which is all well and good I hear you calling, but it is embarrassing!  And I cannot deny I would be embarrassed too, but think of it as whether you want prevention or cure? Cure can be a lot worse and longer than prevention.

And I fully support the ladies checking their breasts too, and as we all know they are more likely to discuss any lumps and bumps and problems with their friends and partners than us men, who are tough. But whether you are tough or not, medical conditions can affect you. My own son at the age of 18 was diagnosed with osteoporosis, a condition which is normally associated with post menopausal women. And yet here we had a very young man with thin bones who broke his hip at work and still has a metal pin in. So it just goes to show you never know, so be wise.

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2 thoughts on “Erectile deficiency and you heart…

  1. Thanks Jake! It is always good to talk, whether you are male or female boy or girl. I feel that men have a reputation to ‘look after /protect’ and they need to be the strong ones. This isn’t helped when you see women discussing on TV (as seen recently) about men crying and how unattractive they find it. People whatever their sex have emotional needs, and those emotions need to be unleashed – held in they lead to bitterness, hatred and other negative feelings. I hope you are well, and talking?

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