Food food glorious food!

In the words of the popular film (now stage show) Oliver, “Food glorious food”. Oh how I love it! Let’s face it, none of us can live without the nutrients that it provides, and most of us can’t live without sitting down to a nice dinner, breakfast or snack! But what sort of food do you like?

I have to my dislike recently got into peanut butter goodies, and this includes peanut butter on toast on bread, with strawberry jam. Talking of which we recently bought a jar of peanut butter with the ‘jelly’/’jam’ already striped in. It was apparently authentic USA food. It was a shame then that we didn’t like it, the peanut butter taste was overwhelmed by the sweetness of the jam which in turn wasn’t very flavourful at all. But I guess it different when I do my own at home, as I can mount the peanut butter to a height that I like, and add less jam (reduced sugar of course).

Which brings me to toast! The humble slice of bread grilled/toasted until golden brown… or is it? You see I like my toast well done – not quite black but certainly darker than ‘tanned’. My wife however (and daughter) prefer theirs ‘as hot bread’ with only a smidgen of colour. But then I also like my bacon crispy, my sausages well browned. In fact the only thing I eat that is remotely ‘under cooked’ is a boiled egg which I like set white and runny yellow!

Last night we had a roast chicken dinner (which reminds me I have to pick the rest of the chicken for a Quiche) and I have to confess it was delicious – despite the fact that I personally cooked it. Well, not technically but I did bung it in the oven and keep an eye on it to ensure it didn’t get cremated. And as it happened it was cooked to perfection. And we (well the wife and daughter) had an after. Since seeing a competition on TV where the winners recipe got into our biggest supermarket – the winner was a Bakewell tart cheesecake. I love Bakewell tart and quite like cheesecake too, so it seemed an obvious bet that I’d like it. And it took a while but in Tesco the other day I saw it and had no hesitation in picking it. but alas with my sugars running high, I could only manage the tiniest piece to get the flavour (an almost pea sized portion). And from what I tasted it was delicious.

Which brings me on to animal welfare. I like to do my bit by buying free range and outdoor food where I can afford it, but the price difference is quite something at times. So when I saw Channel 4 was running a programme about a farmer (Jimmy) taking on Tesco to produce higher quality versions of some of their best sellers I was hooked. And it was a highly interesting programme in all fairness and certainly opened my eyes. Chickens were cooped up with hardly no room to move at all. Sows were kept in one tiny crate until their piglet’s had weaned. And Male Calf’s being shot as soon as they are born – just for being male! (Veal has a bad reputation). Anyway Jimmy used this veal (which is disposed of) in his meatballs, and although they tasted good, the thought of veal put people off tremendously – that effort failed. He had more success with the chicken Kiev where he used Chickens who had a wonderful life running free but were no longer producing eggs, so were being slaughtered and sent to China! e then used those chickens and made free-range happy chickens for the same price as their ordinary cheap version. And in the sausages he used pork belly and offal  to obtain a great tasting sausage for the same price. (See the Kiev’s here)


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