A puddle of fun!

We had our all of our grandchildren at the weekend, well when I say all I mean three – albeit feeling at times like triple that amount! But we decided it might be a good idea if we made use of the larger than average puddle (near pool size), so we donned their Wellington Boots and old clothes and proceeded to venture towards the fields where the pools – rather puddles were.

And who’d have thought that a collection of water could be so much fun! Despite the looks of insanity as they splashed about in the muddy water – they had huge fun! And it was a sheer pleasure to see. I think that in today’s society people have become obsessed with protecting their children, which is fine of course: But let them be children, let them have fun and play outside. Getting wet doesn’t hurt the average person (although I do appreciate a small amount of people can have very little contact with water for health reasons). But usually it’s a case of the parents not wanting to do an extra bit of washing, or bathing their child on a night not routine, or getting their house dirty. We solved the later problem by allowing them to remove their Wellington boots (and emptying them of water) before they entered the house. We also stripped them down to their underwear  and promptly put it in the washing machine. And after a short period to have a light refreshments they each had baths.

I want them as young as they are to remember their Granddad and Nanny with fondness not one of being dragons and not being able to do anything. So to close I show a few pictures of the children splashing around in the water…

Kristian and Chloe puddle splashing

Kristian and Chloe puddle splashing (more)

Naomi with Lily – May (who wasn’t quite as struck on the splashing about as the other two)



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