But I only wanted a loaf of bread and milk!

“We need some bread and milk” I said to my wife. “I guess that means another trip to Tesco” she moaned in reply. Which baffled me a bit, as I lay claim to the one who hates shopping! Anyway, we prepared for the now frequent trip and locked the house as normal. We arrived at the store some fifteen to twenty minutes later. We entered the store and began journeying up and down the aisles, and by the end aisle (bread) we had a good old basket full of goods – which at checkout proved to cost some £38 – only £35 more than what it should have costs for the bread and milk! I wish I could just go into the shop buy what I want and then go out… Easily tempted I suppose.

But we have got into their recycling bank! It’s great. And you get clubcard points too! They take all sorts of recycling goods, which are put onto the shelf which then opens and the goods disappear before your eyes. It reminded me a bit of my Dad’s cremation when the curtains pulled back and the coffin vanished (a bit morbid I know). But I have got into recycling in a bigger way than I have ever been before. In fact I not only return things to my local Tesco, I am washing out yoghurt pots, baby food pouches etc and returning them to www.terracycle.co.uk which then earn points, and when they reach £10 in value you can donate them to a charity (national or local). I’m currently up to about £8 and I’m well excited by the fact that not only am I earning money for my favourite charities, but also that my bin is not as full as it once used to be! I highly recommend recycling, it is a buzz!

My wife said the other day that she needed some new underwear, and as I had a coupon for a spend on a catalogue I thought I might as well treat her. So I order her a pack of ten knickers. They came yesterday and I was in hysteric as my wife held them up and said (trying not to be ungrateful): “I;m not Bridget Jones'”.  I was in fits of laughter, as she carried on with her words. I can’t really tell you what she said, because I was in tears. You know how some things just hit your tickle spot…


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