If only I’d remembered…

As you read yesterday was my dad’s birthday or would have been if he was still alive. And I remembered that fact some 15/16 years after his death. So why couldn’t I remember the following?

Firstly, we arranged for a plumber to come and check our overflow pipe which they fixed a few months back. It had started to flow again, so I contacted them and they said they’d do it under guarantee. But when he came to the door, I had completely forgotten he was due! He must have been a bit dazed as I left him standing there until I fathomed out the reason for his visit. As it turned out it was a different ball cock he needed to replace, meaning more cost!

And then there was the incident a while back when I was going through our town centre on a very busy evening. This woman suddenly stopped me and said along the lines of: “Oh David, how lovely to see you. How are you” Giving me a big hug. I told her I was OK, and she continued to chat away as if we were old friends. And as she said her goodbyes she added “Do contact me, do bother me!” (I’m one of those people who don’t like to bother anyone). To this day I have no idea who she was, which is slightly worrying as she obviously knew me very well.

And then I mustn’t forget another memorable incident. We were in Tesco, when I was approached by two women who said “David, how lovely to see you, how are you”? This time I had to ask who they were: “We’re Jan and Bryan’s daughters” I remembered Jan  and Bryan but in all seriousness couldn’t remember these two in front of me. They looked slightly disgruntled as they said “Well, I guess you made more of an impression on us than we did on you”. And then as we parted company and I was on my way home I remembered who they were. So if you happen to be reading this I am really sorry for my ignorance that day, but my mind was rummaging through memories trying to remember you and my hatred of shopping didn’t assist the situation…

But then I remember birthdays and a phone (not mobile) numbers reasonably well, in fact I recall my mother old phone number, my old work place, the hospital main switchboard, taxis, family etc. And there are only two people’s birthdays that I forget (You know who you are Mavis and John). For some reason I just can’t seem to grasp their birthdays at all… But other than that I remember them all without the need of a diary! So it’s slightly odd how the memory works don’t you think?



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