I missed my nurse…

You may be forgiven from the title to thinking that my nurse has left the practise, or perhaps died. Neither are true! It is true to say that my diabetes care has been far from perfect since my last regular nurse retire a few years back! And it is true that one of my favourite doctors at my surgery recently died from cancer and another is leaving for South Africa (good riddance if you ask me). But my title means nothing quite so drastic, in fact it draws to the fact I missed my nurse appointment on Monday. Well, I say missed: In fact I cancelled it. You see I woke up and it was tipping down of rain, and I had the dressing at home to do the wound so I thought; I’m not going out in that weather – and didn’t!

Are you like me and love a freebie? I’ve recently had two McVites cakes (1 x Hob nob flap jacks pack, and 1 x Jaffa cake bars), I also got my wife a seven-day trial of a new cream which she thinks is great! Additionally, I have had a bottle (mini) of whiskey (great for the Christmas cake),some free orange juice, some free cereal, a free razor (hydra 5), some free chocolate, two pints of free milk, and much more.

I get some freebies through Facebook, others through freebie websites, other through email invites, and some through printing off vouchers. Some of the vouchers can be money off coupons, but the item is already reduced in store which makes it free usually (and in some cases I have even had the remaining few pence off the rest of my shop! But in the UK at least there seems to be a stigma about cutting and using coupons, and there really shouldn’t be! I  simply cannot understand why anyone would pay full price when they can get it cheaper!

My top tips for saving money

  1. Use a site like http://www.mysupermarket.com to check prices of items you want in all the major supermarkets
  2. Always check online for printable vouchers to take with you
  3. Try to haggle the price down, and be prepared to walk away and stick to a maximum price you want to pay
  4. Take advantage of BOGOF offers, freezing the unwanted items until you need them, or share with neighbours or family
  5. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. It is proven that if you do you pick up extra items that you fancy and always spend more than needed
  6. If you go to the store for just a loaf of bread, make sure that you go to that aisle only and then leave the store. Supermarkets do a great job of getting you to buy things we don;t really want.
  7. Always check dates of everything and freshness of fruit and vegetables etc. Check market prices to see if they can save you money, and buy more if on offer and freeze for a later date
  8. Use money when shopping. It’s proven that if you only have a certain amount of money in your wallet then you shop more sensibly!
  9. Cut all money off products in magazines  and put in an envelope. Check the envelope before you go to the shops, and take any in date coupons that you may have for products you are going to buy
  10. Write into companies offering feedback on products (good or bad), often they reply with a small token gesture of money off coupons!



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