Happy Monday & Good luck Neighours!

Wow, did that weekend go quickly or what? I suspect that with having three under fives running around the house, not only wears you out, but makes time speed by too! Mind you it was a nice time, we went to the park, played in the garden (when it didn’t rain of course). And to boot my big brother gave me a brand new coat – which he obtained from his workplace (Volvo) as promotional items for helping the company out. It fitted like a glove, and is really comfortable! He also gave me a whole carrier bag of seeds, which I chose some from and planted some out on Saturday. Thanks big bro…

We woke up to the news that there had been an armed siege in our town over night, and rumour bounded about like anything. One said a policeman had been shot, another said someone else had been shot n the rec (a little walk from  the place it ended), so what do you believe? The police, TV and local news had no mention of it, and the police are usually forth coming  with information like this, When you take the murder in the town last December/January they were quick to release information about it. So I am currently with the knowledge that a siege has ended, and will get more information as the time goes on.

I was thrilled to see my strawberries are finally turning red, it’ll take a bit longer this year to ripen them I suspect with the severe lack of sunshine.

Our neighbours of many years are moving today, and as much as I would like to move I really just can’t be bothered to put the house up for sale, have people traipsing through and criticising your tastes, then all those years of junks and belongings you have collected over 40 years of marriage… I think we will wait until our retirement and down size a little perhaps. But in the meantime I would like to wish Michelle and Rob and family a happy new house may the move go smoothly


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