Bargains and freebies and haggling

It’s been a day for personalised greeting cards codes today we’ve managed to get three cards personalised and printed for about £2.80 (ish)! We got one from using code £1OFF leaving 79p to pay. Next we got a code from and paid just 60p with code 5KFREE. Then we popped over to and got 50% off our card leaving just £1.44 to pay with code EURO50.

Then we got a free bag of Walkers crisps from their Facebook page.  While at Facebook we got a free Aloe Vera sample. Also on Facebook McVities gave us a FREE cake . Next we popped over to Yorkshire tea Facebook page and got some free tea bags. And then we got some more tea bags from Twinings Facebook page.

But as much as we love freebie and bargains, you have to beware of a few things. Firstly, I try to check the website owners are authentic, I do this by visiting a domain name registrar and typing in the url. They will tell you whether it’s a company or individual. I have lost count of the number of freebies that have been offered by individuals. If the website looks unprofessional or insecure then it’s best avoided too. If you enter details about your name and address into a website that is not safe then you can expect lots of spam, and junk mail, as they are probably willing to make money by selling on your details in some way! So it’s best to be safe.

Obviously not all freebies and deals are unsafe, I’ve had freebies and free spends from major companies including La redoute, Isme, Kit Kat, and many – many more.

And when you go into a shop and buy, why not try haggling? It’s not easily done for some people, but it does work! I recently bought a pair of glasses and they initially quoted me over £400 for them with varifocals and reactalites. However, I said we only had a certain amount to spend and we eventually got the price down to about £150. Quite a saving, and within our budget!

But why not try it in other shops, when you go to pay just ask something like: “I shop here regularly can I have a discount on this top as I really like it”. Be prepared to walk away though and leave the shop, and get a figure in your head that is the maximum you want to pay. It is entirely possible to get discounts from many many shops and restaurants! I got one in a smart restaurant when we went out with my daughter and her then boyfriend, we got 20% off the bill! Just for asking! Even in the pizza hut I asked and although we didn’t get money off, we did get a FREE dessert!  Like the old adage goes: “If you don’t ask, you won’t get”

The UK could take some lessons from our American cousins, who apparently love nothing more than to cut and shop with coupons! I saw a TV show the other month which showed American families actively hunting out online vouchers printing them off and going shopping with them. They saved dollars! And I check for vouchers too, the main place is (have a nose at in the USA). Companies often offer coupons directly too, so always check out for them. I mean why would anyone want to pay £3.00 for something when you can get it for £2.00?


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