Quick and easy Yoghurt cake recipe video

What a stupendous long weekend it was: Four whole days off work, and nothing but good feeling wherever you went. Of course we had the dreadful fire (and another yesterday), but overall the weekend went very well. As said previously we saw the flotilla of 1,000 boats, Monday we saw the amazing concert outside Buckingham Palace. On Tuesday we had a family day out to a local zoo in Cambridgeshire. Eight of us piled on the bus and travelled the short to the zoo. When we got off the bus 15 minutes later, and walked the five-minute walk to the zoo. However all was not plain sailing as we struggled with the narrowness of the pathways, and the unevenness of them made the short journey troublesome with my wheelchair and two buggies.

Below is a picture of my family as we sat down and ate some food for our jubilee tea meal…

Splenda recently posted the below video for yoghurt cake on their Facebook page, and I thought it was different do decided to share it with you today! Hope you enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “Quick and easy Yoghurt cake recipe video

  1. Cheesecakes will often crack when they are cooling…Use a larger pan with a little water in it and place your cheesecake in the water bath to bake and this will keep your cheesecake from cracking!.

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