Salt… Nuts… bargains & fire

I think I am addicted to peanut butter goodies! If I see something that has ‘peanut’ on it, it has my full attention. And if when I read the label closer it continues…Butter then I’m hooked! I’m not sure what it is about peanut butter, but I’m assuming the flavour of the nut and the saltness are to blame. Why does salt have to be bad for you? Why does it have to raise blood pressure, causing heart problems and strokes? I mean what is better than a bag of chip shop chips smothered with good old salt and vinegar? I have used the low sodium versions of salt but heard they can prove even worse for your health than standard table salt.

Sunday night there was a large fire near us in an unused school, which needed fire crews from miles away and over 40 were in attendance battling the blaze. It is the second time in the last few months that a fire has caused concern at the school, with the previous one being started by youngsters. In previous instances youth have said it is because they have ‘nothing to do’. Poppy cock! They have loads more to do than we ever did when we were young, and yet in court it is often accepted as part of their defence. I remember playing out the front, games like TV programmes where you said the initials of the TV programme, and then took it in turn to guess letters, if correct you took a step closer to the person saying the programme. The worst we ever did were scrumping: Picking fruit from trees that didn’t belong to you, and knock down ginger (knocking on other people’s doors and then running away before they answered and caught you). So with TVs with hundreds of channels (I remember black and white with only three channels), and computers and tablets etc, and games consoles, and sports centres and youth clubs – how can they say they have nothing to do? Not to mention the cinema, swimming pool, parks etc.

Saturday saw our town hall host a jubilee jumble sale, and my daughter picked up a Sesame street ‘Elmo toy’. We’d seen these similar toys in catalogues retailing about £60+. My daughter paid just £1 and to be truthful we didn’t hold out much hope. But getting home with the SIX AA batteries it needed (£1.99 for those so a total of £2.99) we inserted the batteries into Elmo, and sure enough he spoke, danced, sung, sneezed, told us he loved us and more beside. But my granddaughter whom it was bought for, didn’t like it, she moved away from it when it was on. So Granddad come into play and eased Elmo to her while she was sitting on my lap. And now she adores him (Elmo that is not me LOL). But what a bargain. And brand new bath mats costing just £1, and children’s clothing from just 20p!

I wonder if any of you caught the Queen’s jubilee boat ride on Sunday? We sat watching it for a few hours, until her boat was docked. It was an amazing sight to see 1,000 boats on the river Thames, and the Royal family were duly fascinating – we sometimes forget they are just ‘ordinary people with ordinary emotions’ and I was pleased to see the 85-year-old monarch was relaxed enough to wrap a shawl around her shoulders obviously feeling the chill of the cool air and damp weather.



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