Grubs up if you remember…

It’s been a typically wet Royal weekend, although Saturday was drier until the evening. So sitting down to breakfast and doing a normal daily thing like taking tablets, you’d think it’d be run of the mill wouldn’t you? Not for me, I have to set my mobile phone alarm to remind me to take my insulin, and normally remember my tablets with no problem. Saturday morning however was different, I took my insulin, ate my breakfast and then got busy doing other things  forgetting my thyroxine and other meds…

At our evening meal, I noticed I hadn’t taken them (they were still in the box), so promptly took them. But on Sunday morning I began to feel really rather drained, had a headache and generally felt a bit worse for wear – energy less too. My mind reminded me that  had forgotten to take the thyroxine meds and I assume this is the reason for the tired feeling.

On Saturday we had the family over and had an Indian take-a-way, each ordering a mild meat curry and Bombay potatoes. And when we sat to eat our meal, each of us got a kick from the spicy-hot food. I decided we’re curry wimps! But the flavour of the Bombay potatoes was delicious (as too was the curry), and I managed to eat all my Bombay potatoes although I left some curry.

And here I sit waiting for my ASDA (Part of Walmart) shopping to be delivered, I hate shopping so thought this was a better and less stressful way of getting your cupboards stocked up.

On a different note, we managed to get our new glasses on Friday AND finish paying for our Holiday, and as we’re all-inclusive this time, we will not require too much spending money. So things are a bit better for that…


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