OK I admit I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the Queen’s Diamond jubilee events, in fact the only good thing about it really I thought was the extra day off from work that people got. However, as the country seems to have rallied together, and as flags are appearing in people’s gardens and houses, and people’s attitudes seem to be more light-hearted and fun than normal – my opinion has changed. I never used to be a fan of the Royal family, but as I have aged I have grown fond of them (well some). The Queen for example is a wonderful ambassador for the United Kingdom and works tirelessly for the country. OK there are obvious perks, but there are downfalls too. You every move is covered, you need security 24/7, you never really get a day off alone, and you are at risk of losing your life (as seen even with tight security on previous occasions). But they live a good life, they get the best medical treatments, and are well-loved not only by the UK but by many people worldwide.  So this weekend let’s carry on with the ‘united’ feeling and help her Majesty celebrate her 6oth year on the throne!

 There are other Royal’s that I like both alive and dead: Who can forget the hugely popular Princess Diana, she truly was an inspiration. And her eldest son said last year as he married Kate Middleton: “I wish my mother was here”. Sad because she would have been beaming with pride. The loss of the boy’s mother brought them closer to their father Prince Charles, whom I have to confess was one of those I used to dislike, and while I am still not a huge fan he has grown on me slowly. He’s father Prince Phillip has also grown on me, but I actually prefer him to Charles. He is humorous and really rather witty. So what about the young Princes William and Harry. Well William is the image of his mother, and gets my  thumbs up, and Harry is just a young lad wanting to start a family when the right girl comes along, and while I like him I much prefer William, although I’m not sure why this is.
So whatever you are doing this weekend enjoy and stay safe

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