My interview with myself!

OK not the normal, but who ever said I was that? I thought it might be a good idea to ‘interview myself’ and share the answers with my readers! Do let me know what you think… They are quite random. Feel free to add your own by using the contact page here

Q: Where do you live and who with?

A: In the UK, about 60 miles from London with my wife, my daughter and her daughter (my granddaughter) and our dog Fudge.

Q: What music do you like?

A: I like most genres of music though nothing too heavy. My favourite is pop, RnB, Reggae and some classical pop

Q: When did you become diabetic?

A: I became a diabetic in 1997, I was diagnosed following a major RTA in 1996.

Q: What were your emotions upon diagnosis?

A: Actually they were very mixed, but mostly negative. I had always assumed that diabetics died in pain. Also I had recently given up smoking, I had lost the use of my legs (at that time completely) and now I thought they were taking away the only other thing I enjoyed – food. So my emotional state was a tad confused to say the least.

Q: What has been the highlight of your life?

A: Well there are several and passing my first aid at work exam was a huge one to me for several reasons mainly because my memory is not that great and I and I am rather shy also. So to stand in front of strangers and kiss a life-size doll while pumping its chest was mortifying. And I never could feel the wrist pulse so thought I had failed big time. Luckily there was only a few in the class who failed and I wasn’t one.

Next the birth of my grand children were all great joy. And coming out of hospital after six months of being an inpatient was a highlight too.

Q: Where were you when Princess Diana died?

A: I remember it well, I was in a hospital bed in Norfolk and Norwich hospital, having been transferred there from Addenbrookes for a procedure they didn’t do there at the time. I was watching TV and it came on the news. I got tingles and thought it was some sick joke. Unfortunately as we all know it wasn’t a wicked joke.

Q: What is your all time favourite meal

A: There are plenty of things I like but I think my all time favourite would be as easy as bacon and egg (with a nice cup of tea and white bread a butter). I also am partial to the old London delicacy of Pie and Mash with liquor (not the jellied eels though), Roast dinners, lasagna, Stews and dumplings, fish and chips all come close.

Q: Do you ever eat badly?

A: Yes of course. I admit I eat the odd ice cream, have the odd biscuit dunked into tea, and the odd bags of crisps!

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