Moaning Monday (but it’s Tuesday!)

We’ve had a few lovely days of glorious sunny weather with temperatures hitting heights of 27c, and what is the most constant topic of conversation – the heat! Yes everyone you speak on your daily journeys says the same thing: “Hot isn’t it”. Well obviously it will be hot, the sun is shining and the cold wind and snow have vanished. What do we really expect? And now the good weather has gone, what is the main topic of conversation (once the Eurovision song contest is out the way) you got it, the weather” Except now instead of “Hot in’t it” you hear “What’s happened to the nice weather, I knew it wouldn’t last”. Who says we’re never satisfied?

I say the previous paragraph in a ‘light hearted way’ but with serious undertones. But one thing I’ve never heard anyone complain about is the beauty of God’s nature! As you travel around the country, continent and world every corner shares a new experience that will amaze you. Whether you sitting on Beachy head in Eastbourne, or walking through woods and forests, or slashing about in the sea on warm sunny skies, nature is without doubt Wonderfully amazing!

And while I can just about cope with most types of weather, I simply hate being out in the rain and getting wet (and very cold elements get me too). If I’m caught in the rain I do get the typically noticeable British Grumpiness! I remember when we went to Dublin (Ireland) with our friends a few years back we had a spot of rain (OK more than a spot). But in seriousness it wasn’t a ‘huge amount’ and luckily we never got caught in it, but the one thing I do remember is the end of the road where our hotel was based, it was like a swimming pool – seriously it was pretty deep. And the best thing was we had to cross near by the deepish water. And being in a wheelchair the lowered kerbs were non existent making it even more hazardous!  And even though the rain didn’t get us, we were splashed by a car – which is in my opinion even worse than being caught in rain!

But one thing that usually brightens my day is when I think of food. And seeing new a fresh recipes is always thought-provoking. I wonder how people actually come up with new recipes, I know when I cook I live by recipes, I simply couldn’t create a recipe on my own. OK, I might adjust a recipe if there is something in it I don’t like but to change one or create one is big work and my brain simply gets baffled (not too hard these days anyway)

Have a great day everyone





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