My cheap meals (Don’t laugh)

I thought I’d share some cheap meals that can be healthy, and are cheap. I’m not a chef (In fact some would say I can’t really cook), but in a time of hardship the luxury of the best rump steak is a thing of the past for many of us. While I can’t vouch for  the nutritional values of any of the meals, I can confirm they are tasty, easy and cheap!

Jacket potatoes

Simply wash potatoes which are big enough to be used tap dry with kitchen roll. Next prick each potato with a fork or knife, and wrap loosely in foil. Next stick them in an oven on a low light (if you have time, or increase heat if you want to speed things up). Next trot off and do what you want for the next few hours. When ready a knife through the centre of the potato will go through easy, if it#s hard it needs longer cooking time.

(4 Jacket potatoes are currently 70p in Tesco and  a tin of bins is from about 30p) Total per person would be about 25p (Based on 4 people)

Cheese on toast

When times were hard in the eighties with three young children to feed on a low wage, we would unashamedly have cheese on toast as a quick replacement meal. I would assume it isn’t too nutritious, but it is (occasionally for me a non cheese lover)  a tasty quick filler. You will need about two slices of bread per person (More or less to appetite). Place under warm medium grill until one side of the bread is brown. Place slices of cheese (mild, mature or whatever you like) on the UNcooked side and replace it back under the grill until the cheese is bubbling and visible bread is browned.

(Cheap loaf of wholemeal bread is about 50p a block of value mature cheese is from about £2.50) Total per person is about 75p (Based on 4 people)

Sausage hot-pot

This is a bit more complicated than the previous recipes, but still easy (must be if I can do it). You will need 4 jacket potatoes (as mentioned in the first recipe) (par boiled and sliced into discs). 2 tins of chopped tomatoes (Cheap version will do fine). 16 sausages (Pork are best. grill them until browned and cooked, then cut into small chunks).  So now you have all the ingredients you can start making the hot-pot. All you need to do is layer the ingredients as follows: Sausage, tomato, potato, ending on a potato layer. You will probably get two layers depending on your dish. Bake for about 45 minutes at medium heat (about 180 c) (Baked beans can be substituted for the tomatoes)

(16 Cheap sausages about £1.50. 2 x Cheap Tin tomatoes  about 80p potatoes 70p) Total per person is about 75p  (Based on 4 people)

Ham and egg – no pastry ‘pies’

Simply line muffin tins with slices of ham, then crack an egg into each one and place in a preheat oven (180 c) for about 20 minutes or until eggs are cooked). Serve is toast as a snack or with chips for a meal. Please note you can sprinkle grated cheese on top about 5/10 minutes from end of cooking if desired.

(6 eggs about £1.00 packet of ham about 80p) Total per person is about 60p (Based on 3 people)

Vegetable stew

Packet of frozen stewing vegetable, two pints of vegetable stock/gravy. Simply place everything in a saucepan (or we use a slow cooker which makes it not very quick). And simmer on medium heat for about 1 hour. Add dumplings if you wish (though these are better cooked in the oven, and should be put on 20 minutes from the end of cooking (if cooking in oven))

(Frozen vegetable pack about £1.00 stock about 30p) Total per person is about 35p (based on 4 people)


All costs are approximate and may differ from area to area.

I do not profess to be a cook chef or any other dietary expert, and these recipes are all from my own library and have been tested by us as a family – which we all enjoyed


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