A day without rain

If my memory serves me right  (which is highly doubtful) a song by Enya was entitled ‘A day without rain’. Well, a miracle has happened here in the UK, with us not only having a couple of days without rain but we’ve had the sunshine too! And what better way than to spend a morning alone with your wife and NO grand children! Now don’t get me wrong I adore all of my grand children, but having one live with us full-time, is pretty full on hard work. Especially as she is now 15/16 months and into everything! And as she proceeds to pull the TV down on top of her I hear myself shouting her name “Lily”. Then she calmly looks at me and replies “Yeah”? At this point she’s won me over and I am in fits of laughter.

So the plan for this morning is changing beds, washing, and walking our dog – Fudge. She is a ten-year old cross-breed dog between a German Shepherd and Springer Spaniel. I would like to say she is a brilliant guard dog, with her father being a Police dog, but alas she is far from brave. And tends to lick people who come to he door, and her bark is deep and heavy but not threatening! Still that doesn’t stop her being the best dog in the world, and loved very much! But she is artful, oh yes! We’ll be sitting eating a yogurt and she’ll sit with her puppy dog eyes looking at us making us feel guilty. I’m sure she’d be saying something like “Oi, I’m here too, where’s my yogurt”? So as a compromise I let her lick the near empty pot – that way guilt doesn’t over take me!

As I said Fudge has obviously got her mothers genes because her father was  a very well-behaved dog being in the Police force. However she really isn’t too badly behaved and won’t for example leave the back garden if the gate is left open (unlike my previous dog): She will also let you take any food or bones away from her while she is eating (again unlike my previous dog). But she does have downfalls, for example take her for a walk and she’ll pull on the lead big time, and if she happens to see a cat or squirrel then you’re off on a hospital trip with a dislocated shoulder (I jest of course – but she does pull). Oh yes and she doesn’t always come to call. And imagine what the neighbours think when i stand at the back door shouting  ‘Fudge’. I can only think they think its someone addicted to the sweet of similar name or a complete Lunatic! (I’ve been called that before).

Seeing a lovely recipe for Strawberry – shortcake –  muffins over at omnomalicious blog I had a quick look at my own strawberry patch in the garden, and was highly delighted with what I saw. My plants (which have gone from being in a strawberry tower to ground growing AND being in a strawberry tower) have lots of little green strawberries on them. I always think it’s amazing that a little yellow and white flower can turn into a lovely red strawberry! Nature really is wonderful isn’t it? So as British Strawberries come into season you can rest assured that I will be snapping them up as the strawberries No 1 fan!

So until next time take care


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