Foods they should ban!

Being a diabetic you’d expect my diet would be as healthy as they possibly can be. But I really find vegetables hard to swallow! I do eat them But I very rarely enjoy them (unless cauliflower cheese etc). In fact the only veg I do like are peas. And I truly can’t see the purpose of parsnips – they are just vile. My brother once said to me (and I almost quote): “Parsnips are nice when they are roasted, a completely different taste”. Being easily influenced off I trot to the shops and bag myself some parsnips for the Sunday roast. They baked away in the oven until they were cooked, and after trying them I had to inform my big bruv that actually Parsnips are vile cooked in any way!

This brings back memories of the time were we in France (Lille) with our good friends Carol and James. We ventured to a French Market and they had tasters on this jam like stuff on one stall that had caught the eye of our friends. being nosey I ventured over with Mrs COAD. Carol says “Why don’t you try this” and the man duly gave me a spoon of something, which I promptly stuck into my mouth! And it came out as quickly as it went in, because the substance was in fact another of my pet hates (along with parsnips) was Honey. The thing that got me was that none of the honey on his stall was clear/tanned like what I consider honey, in some of the cases (like the one I had just tasted) were black. And as if I wasn’t traumatised enough they suggested I tried another item from the stall, and like a true idiot I did. The same results followed. While I was suffering, our friends, Mrs COAD, the stall holder and other people on the stall were having a good laugh for some reason!

And while I’m ranting on about foods I dislike, make no mistake about it I dislike most wholemeal bread. I can tolerate them because I know they are much better than white. But given a choice I would opt for white all the time – much tastier. And Mrs COAD works for a nationwide bakers where she often brings home their wholemeal bread, and it is in my opinion not as good as one supermarkets ‘cheap version’. I find most wholemeal bread too ‘wet’, and heavy. White is light and bright! Still I plod on with my wholemeal regardless!

And can someone tell me what the purpose of the Brussels sprout is? My mum always used to say they were just small cabbages: Mum, you’re so wrong! OK it’s taken me  50+ years to fathom this out and how I did it was quite simply in the end: I actually don’t mind Cabbage in small doses. But Brussels taste nothing like cabbage – more bitter and horrible.

So is there anything else they should add to my banned food lists? Apart from most vegetables, honey, syrup, and the other things mentioned they could perhaps do away with string coffee, strong cheese, mild cheese, HOT curries, Grapefruit, & those dreadful rice biscuit things that seem to have become so popular over recent years…

Rant over, have a good day everyone


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