Wet & warm

Having seen the weather forecast on Tuesday I declared to my wife on Saturday that it was going to be “A dry day with sunny periods”. So as we trotted off to Sainsburys supermarket, and the clouds gathered my wife began to doubt my weather prediction.  On our way home it still hadn’t rained, but the clouds were getting thicker and darker: But I was still confident! And I was half right, it didn’t rain and the sun did try to shine through the odd gap in the cloud – but Mrs COAD was still annoyed – because her (well our) washing didn’t dry. I did inform her that I was correct that it remained dry, just not about the sunshine! And as I type this blog entry the sun is shinning (Did I hear someone shout WOW), in fact I am sitting in short and tee-shirt, which believe me for someone with hypothyroidism and ageing it’s not a common sight.

Talking of feeling the cold, I remember taking Mrs COAD to see my aunt who lived in Deptford in London. She lived in a tower block nearing the top – which wasn’t good for me with a height phobia. But at least I thought we’d be safe in the flat. As we entered her flat I remember the exhausting heat, and assumed that it was because of the fact that ‘heat rises’ and she was perhaps 14 floors or so up. I didn’t even get the glue when she answered the door in a thick red coat – shivering. Bear in mind the day was like it is today very warm and sunny. But worse was to come, as she took us to her living room she had the fire on full blast! After a while I asked if we could step out for a minute, and she opened the balcony door. I step on to the door and froze (Not literally unfortunately but through fear). Boy were we high, but I thought ‘Don’t look down’ and decided it was possible better to die in fear than be roasted alive! We only managed an hour or s visit to my aunt, who a few years later died. I often recall that day, and am still unable to believe that she was sitting in front of the fire with a thick coat on a very arm summer day! I admit I am not that bad, but when I do get cold I suffer…

I hope the better weather is now set in for a while, which brings another problem for this budding but useless chef – what do you eat when the weather is so hot and unbearable. The obvious choice is salad! Which is OK once in every twenty years or so, but not regularly – you need to be a rabbit to enjoy it don’t you?  I usually end up with quickly cooked things like Jacket potatoes (I have a real thing for those at the moment – baked in the oven and served with baked beans).



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