It’s my birthday and I’ll sing if I want to…

It’s that time of the year again that sees me receive some lovely cards and presents, because today is my birthday. Now without wishing to divulge my exact age, it is fair to say that I won’t see 21 again, nor 40, OK nor 50! And I was  born in a year that ends with 00: So answers in the reply if you’ve worked out just how ancient I am today :-). So what will I be up to today? Firstly I have another nurse appointment, followed by a round of baby sitting for my grand children, followed by a visit to town to ‘treat myself’. But the problem is that my diabetes doesn’t take a day off because it’s my birthday, instead I have to watch what I eat even today! You’d have thought it might make an exception a couple time a year wouldn’t you – perhaps birthdays and Christmas? But diabetes is alike any other chronic health problem, you never get time off!

When my son was young, he was a slow speaker (it turned out he had special needs), and my in laws are rather prim and proper – you know sort of people who think their way is the only way. Anyway, we sat in the front room and it was raining outside when he suddenly declared in a clear loud voice: It’s p***ing down out there”. Now I can only assume he picked it up from me, not that I say or indeed said it a lot. But those few words must have stuck in his little mind, and boy did he pick he’s moment to say them. Of course the in laws were in shock, while I found it hilarious and was creased up in laughter. And to make things worse they sat there with faces as long as a wet weekend in Paris, and said “It’s not funny”. Oh yes it was. It reminded me of anoher occasion when my wife and I were engaged and when I was offered a sandwich I asked for cheese spread only to see them putting some cheese spread on the bread from a shop that had closed in our town several YEARS before! And once we had eaten that (my giggles had started by then) they kindly offered me a marshmallow topped biscuit. And as I looked at my wife we both bit into them, and that was me gone! The mallow was rock hard and the biscuit as soft as the mallow should have been! I’m sure my in-laws must hate me, I am always getting the giggles at their place, which is enhanced because they are so straight laced – no humour at all!

A while back I bought an iPod shuffle and must admit I struggled to get music on it but once I had fathomed it out it was pretty easy (ish). I put the iPod away as my visits out alone dwindled. But thinking about my holiday in September I felt it necessary to update the library. But of course my iPod didn’t know I had got a new laptop, and I assumed it would be a case of simply plugging in my ipod and letting it take music from Windows Media Player: I was wrong. Instead I had to make a visit to the itunes website (where I add I had not only forgotten my username but password too) and download and install itunes. I am still trying to get my WMP library over into my itunes library – but I will succeed!


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