Dental phobia eases as prize comes in…

I must admit I recoil at the mention of  the word ‘dentist’, you see being a child of the sixties dental hygiene was never top of the list and indeed the government only decided to push for ‘brushing teeth’ late in the 60’s into the seventies – time enough for damage to be done to my teeth. I remember too well sitting in the dentist chair waiting to drift off to sleep when having a few fillings or a tooth out. And to this day I ‘fear’ the dentist, even though dentistry has come on leaps and bounds and it’s no longer painful (well not too much). And even though I know this, I still get very wound up. But a year or so ago I had to have an extraction, and with no one to go with me I went all by myself. I was as nervous as a pig in bacon aisle in a supermarket,  but I did it! Afterwards, I must have looked awful because everyone kept asking: “Are you OK”? “Yes” “Are you sure?” “Yes”. And it wasn’t just the dental surgery that was concerned, even the chemist (I had to collect some antibiotics following the extraction). And even the local Co-operative store. In fact I was extremely happy that I had done it by myself!

This morning I had my wife and granddaughter with me,  luckily it was only a check-up and a scale. And I even got a compliment on my teeth looking OK but advised to floss at the back (And with fat fingers and a small mouth (OK perhaps not that small)) it’s easier said than done! But I was nowhere near as nervous as normal, although my resident abscess is still in place and as he said it WILL flare up again, so the tooth needs to be removed

Returning home, I received a letter with my prize from Unilever! I must admit I was expecting a large box with a bottle/package of each of their products in (with the exception perhaps of ice cream, can just imagine the wet box and annoyed postman). But instead what I got what about £70 worth of vouchers! Apart from winning a netbook once this is the biggest prize I’ve ever won! It soon made me forget the unpleasant morning.


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