Taxi’s, Buses and trains!

Hands up if you’re nosey? I admit it I am, and on Thursday evening while we were trying to watch our recorded episode of  BBC’s “Silent Witness” a sudden noise (above the volume of the telly) distracted my attention from the screen. Turning the volume down on the TV we could hear bad language that would verge on obscene and at an extremely high volume. Yes we were witnessing a public argument from our neighbours. F-ing this C-ing that, you will understand how it was going. The anger grew and the volume increased, and I seriously thought there might be a ‘thump – off’. Luckily there wasn’t and someone uttered two simple words a few times “Calm down”. And the situation was resolved.

Friday was probably the best day we have had weather wise for a fair while, with no sight of rain – even though the clouds did darken the sky a few times. But it was the day to get my dressing  red-dressed. So I ordered my taxi to take me to the surgery at 10.10, and at 10.30 (the time of my appointment) it still hadn’t turned up! To say I was annoyed, is an understatement! With my wife, daughter and grand-daughter in tow – it is true to say more than my mouth uttered a few words of an unsavoury manner. So after THREE further phone calls the taxi finally arrived at 10.37am. In the meantime I had contacted the surgery to let them know of the situation and they put me as ‘on way’ on their systems! I politely asked the driver if this ride was going to be a FREE one, and got the stern reply “Why?” I explained the situation and got the reply “No my fault, you’ll have to take that up with the office, I got this job at 10.28am” The rest of the journey was in silence, and with frosty air! Needless to say at the end of the drive there was no tip forth-coming. To cut a long story short the nurse agreed to see me, she swabbed and dressed the wound and told me to come back in a week – on my birthday (Yes I’ll be 21 again next Friday),

So we left the doctor’s surgery just in time to catch the bus to Cambridge, then caught a train to Peterborough where we spent the afternoon shopping. And in fact it wasn’t that busy enough to make me want to hide under any object suitable. And with the sunny weather we actually had a really nice day. Snapping up a few pound bargains from poundland (oh how I love poundland!) There was a wee little downside when we were sitting in a cafe and my little granddaughter * (Lily-May) had a tumble and banged her head. She sobbed for a while, but in true brave heart style she quickly got over it – with the tantalising offer of a cake!

I’ve started reading a book about a little girl and her sister who were both sexually abused by both their parents, all their grand parents and even beyond. I’m deciding whether it was the right move to  read it, as it is quite harrowing, the abuse started when she was five years old. I want to finish it to find out if the parents got their just desserts! But part of me wonders if I’ll be even more disturbed by further revelations!





 * Picture of Lily-May drawing



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