Things that make you go pop!!! (Or fall flat on your face)

OK I’m not talking literally when I say in the title ‘things that make you go pop’. Have you ever enjoyed something you’re eating so much that you end up OVER – eating? Well, it has happened to me. I completed my meal (pasta with sausages), and left the pasta part of the meal due to me not enjoying it and in truth not feeling too hungry either. So then the cheesecake was put on the table and I had about an eighth of the seven inch disc. And I ate it all, even though my stomach was shouting ‘NO MORE’. I force that last crumb down and then sat back and felt unable to move due to my tummy now being five foot wide! As a rule we don’t normally have dessert but once or twice a week (usually once or even less) we indulge. But why did I force myself to basically end up feeling ill?

It put’s my attitude to drunken people who complain about feeling ill into shame some what. I have absolutely no sympathy for people who go out to ‘get drunk’ and get a hang over: Normally meaning achy head, feeling sick etc. I struggle to comprehend why people actually PAY good money to feel ill? Don’t get me wrong I have no objection to people drinking, providing they are doing so with sense! But can I still complain after over stuffing me tummy? Yes, I believe I can without being hypercritical. You see I hadn’t had much to eat (2 sausages and a mouth or two of pasta bake), and I was enjoying that cheesecake immensely… And Apart from feeling bloated I didn’t hurt or offend anyone



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