Lonely – not a chance!

I’ve just made an easy chocolate cheesecake for our dessert today. It was so easy to make even I didn’t need a recipe to follow – just did what I thought, and it seems to have turned out OK, but as they say the “proof of the pudding is in the eating” so time will tell.I made it with the new Philadelphia – Cadbury chocolate cream cheese with a few tabled spoons of whipped cream! Mixed together in a bowl and then spread overs my biscuit base which I melted some butter with! Easy, quick and fairly cheap too, not to mention tasty! And compared to another chocolate cheesecake I used to make it takes far less time too.

It’s a gorgeous day here in the UK, the sun shinning (and no rain – wow miracles do happen). The family have gone off to the local car boot sale and to purchase presents (or so I’m told) for my birthday this coming week. And here I sit all by myself, no baby crying, no noise except that of Garbrielle music on my laptop. The dog is sun bathing in the back garden, I’m sure her parent’s would be proud of the sterling job she does as a guard dog! Her father was a Police dog (German Shepherd) and her mother a gorgeous springer (not Jerry) Spaniel! She is getting on in age now and is about ten-year-old although I would have to confirm this with another family member as my memory isn’t always too good. But as far as guard dogs go, Fudge (our dog) doesn’t exactly have a ferocious bark and when the person has entered she is first to greet them with a ‘lick’. My only real problem with her is that she is a smelly dog! And getting her in a bath is an impossibility!

As I type I can hear a sure sign of warmer weather – a bee (or possibly wasp) buzzing in my living room! Now I don’t mind bees and wasps but I hate the smaller versions such as green-fly and flies. Sometimes I can’t see the point of their existence, but am sure that they are food for someone in the food chain. Which makes me wonder do we eventually end up eating those very pesky annoying insects I am moaning about? Just a thought. But it brings to mind a funny TV moment I recall of the past. It was on our Breakfast TV and the male presenter was talking to a lady on the phone and the conversation went something like:

Presenter: “So what do you do”

Woman: “Housewife and assistant to my husband”

Presenter: “What does your husband do?”

Woman: ” He has a PHD in insects”

Presenter: “That’s interesting (big smile on his face), how did he get a PHD in sex?”

Laughter all around as she explained it was in INSECTS and not IN SEX. I roared when I see it and it remains a favourite ‘blooper’ of mine



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