Monday morning blues

It’s Monday, nothing new there except that today I am the one with Monday morning blues!! I have no reason for my Crocodile imitating – it’s just the mood I got up in. Actually I went to bed in a similar mood too! Apart from feeling tired and have sore legs, I have no real issues. And yet I find myself snapping like a Crocodile with a tooth ache at the people I love most. Luckily this ‘snappiness’  eventually wore off. As we ventured off on our trip to visit my mum in her care home. But when we got there, the Crocodile began to rise again, as she simply refused to wake up and speak. Which meant one thing – my favourite thing ever – Shopping at Sainsbury’s! OH my what joy!

But in reality my fears of shopping were unfounded as the shop while busy (ish) was at an OK level and I didn’t feel my BP raise once! Well, OK it did raise when I waited nearly half an hour for my bacon sandwich in Sainsbury’s cafe! I mean how long does it take to cook three rashers of bacon and stick it between a couple of slices bread?

I’m baffled by this ‘water shortage’ and threats of a stand pipe in the streets though, aren’t you? I mean if you live where I do then you can’t have failed to notice the rain pounding down every day for the last several weeks (it seems). And as for the hose pipe ban, well the gardens are actually getting OVER watered! So come on Water boards get real! They inform us it is the wrong type of rain (yes I know funny aye?) But seriously the rain isn’t soaking into the ground (Which I can nearly see is true). BUT and it is a big BUT, what percentage of our water comes from the following sources: 1) Rain that isn’t the right type and settles on the ground rather than soaking into it. 2) Reused water from the household (And we’re talking every drop that goes down the pain/basin). 3) Reservoirs which are purpose-built lakes to hold our water? I’m not a very wise man, but if the reservoirs are getting additional water, and every drop we don’t drink at home is being recycled down the drain – aren’t we  surely near out of the drought?

I confess I have a slight addiction at the moment, no not for chocolate (although I can see the attraction), and no not for Crocodile sandwiches. My addiction (I use that term very lightly indeed) is for Jacket potatoes! They have to be oven roasted with some butter/spread and baked beans with a dash of brown sauce (sometimes). Which surprise surprise is what we have for tea along with a Gregg’s steak Bakes (well not officially Gregg’s considering I paid for them).

Please note there may not be any update for tomorrow or the next few days – depending on our activites



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