Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!


If you read my Friday Blog, you will be aware I had my diabetic Eye Test (ET in the title), and also had an appointment to redress my somewhat painful stump sore. I was sat in the doctor surgery at about 9am and was the ONLY one waiting, which made me think “I’m first”. And at spot on my appointment time, I was called in. The normal people who used to carry out the test were nowhere in sight, and instead there was a short-haired female who in all fairness was wasn’t bad-looking, just one thing missing from her face – the apparent inability to smile! Now I know it was only 9.15am but when in the health business or indeed any business that ;wants or needs’ your business friendliness is a priority – even if the person doesn’t feel like it. Anyway, that out the way she proceeded to ask me for my ‘consent form’ which being the bright intelligent memorable spark that I am I had in my pocket (yes it’s true, and believe me that is a miracle with my brain). So with that in hand, she gave a vision test – which I felt I did perfectly adequate for a person of a certain age, but nothing to even give me a hint whether I was good or bad! And so to the eye drops, as I have said previously I have no trouble with the drops other than watery eyes straight afterwards (which is to be expected). And I was then told to wait in the waiting room for about 20 minutes for the drops to work, and given (for the first time I add) a sheet informing me of what to do if I got any problems with after my eye test.  So off I hopped to sit in the waiting room.

Ten minutes or so later (Yes I know she told me 20 minutes too), she called my name out again and I was in for the pictures – all seemed to go well as she saved the to her computer and asked me: “If there is a problem which hospital do you want to be referred to?”. I admit it gave me a bit of a worry-moment.  I was then discharged and told results would be with me in four to six-week!

I then had a somewhat lengthy wait until my nurse appointment, as luck would have it someone sat next to em who I knew and we chatted which spent a bit of time. Eventually I was called in ad as the nurse began to unpeeled the dressing tape, it was her who was ‘ouching’ saying “Oh the poor hairs” – so Being the hero I am I offered to remove the tape, and bravely ripped it off. Well OK perhaps not ripped, more slowly peeled it off. But eventually as she removed the inadine dressing part with tweezers we both stared at the wound which had actually healed quite nicely. She washed it and decided that an ordinary allevyn dressing would suffice. And as I walked from her room and out into the welcome fresh air, I suddenly felt a twinge of that original pain. thankfully she had seen sense to give me one of the padded dressings and tape ‘just in case’.


Saturday has arrived and I find myself in an empty house, listening to Michael Jackson softly on the laptop as I type. It’s almost as if I have lost some hearing, the house is so quiet (well apart from the gentle hum of the washing machine). But I’m enjoying the peace as I know it won’t last long, the rest of the family (exception of Nathan who is working) have opted to go swimming! Three adults and three young children splashing about in a huge bath might have some appeal – but not today! And besides there will undoubtedly be other little monsters down there. making extreme noise and splashes!

Talking of little monsters two things immediately spring to my mind. 1) Did anyone see that woman in the USA who allowed her 5-year-old daughter to use sunbeds! I seriously wondered why? And agreed that the social services had got involved – it is plain wrong. And judging by the appearance of the mother, one can only assume she in fact has mental health issues, because no one would WANT to look like that would they, and more importantly no one in their right mind would want to expose such terrible danger to their young children (and at 5 they are just coming of babyhood into childhood).

The second thing was reading a report about a woman who breast-fed her children AND husband! Her children are teenagers! Now that in my opinion is another form of abuse, what mother would want to let her teenage children suckle? And furthermore what teenage children (boys if I remember) would want to suckle on their mother’s breast? The article included pictures of the mother and husband with the children’s pictures blurred out. Surely if the picture was actually the woman doing it (and she was quite proud and thought nothing wrong in it) the children will be identified – or am I just over-thinking?


Today I was feeling a bit ‘off colour’  but managed to make the Chocolate Philadelphia cheesecake (See below).


  • 140 g digestive biscuits, crushed.
  • 2 tubs of chocolate Philadelphia soft cheese spread
  • 1 small tub of extra thick cream/whipped cream
  • Small amount of butter


1) Melt butter and mix in with biscuit crumbs

2) Line a seven-inch dish with the mixture ensuring you push it down firmly (put in fridge to cool)

3) In a separate bowl stir the chocolate cheese spread until it is softened

4) Add a dessert-spoonful (or more if required) to the chocolate cheese mix and stir until combined

5) Spread the chocolate mixture over the biscuit base and leave for two hours or more to cool and set



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