ET Day

Well it’s Friday and the ET (eye Test) day has arrived! So this morning I will be in the doctor’s surgery from just after 9am until way after 10.30am. Firstly, at 9.15 I have to attend for my diabetic eye test, I don’t really have any problem with this – it’s straight forward isn’t it? I must admit on my fist occasion I was somewhat nervous – I had read about the drops you h and how your vision will be impaired after – enough to frighten Superman I wouldn’t doubt! However reality was the opposite for me, yes the eye drops make your eyes water but while it’s not a pleasant experience by far – it really isn’t as scary as I first thought.

My second appointment at the surgery will be for are – dressing or removal of existing dressing. Yes its be another whole week since I last had my dressing changed, and I am disliking not having a bath and having to stick to showers with my tight artificial leg liner so not water seeps in and ‘dampens’ the dressing. When I was using plain old Allevyn dressings, I could change them at home as they were available on prescription. But with this new ‘Allevyn heel dressing’ I am not given any ‘spare to change them, and the NP (Nurse practitioner) said to keep it on for the whole week! So catch up on Monday when I;ll tell you all about it.

Talking of cleaning things I have just given my laptop a good old spring clean – and yes it was getting a wee bit grubby! I managed to pick up a couple of ‘air dusters’ compressed air in a spray can, which is supposed to clean the keypad and underneath. As usual I ten to struggle. Imagine me trying to hold the laptop on the side with one hand while trying to spray delicately between keys with the other. While all the time trying to stop my one year old grand-daughter clambering on my lap (she picks her moments)

And if this bank holiday Monday you want to do something with the kids, why not help them make some Boiled Egg Mice (See video below):


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