On – line shopping v In – store shopping.

Do you shop on-line? I do for several things which are unobtainable in our town, or simply cheaper to buy on-line. Or there might be (as this month for example) a friends special birthday, so different little funny gifts are required. But I do in fact talk about grocery shopping!

On-line shopping can save money, you aren’t so tempted by the offers. It’s as quiet as your home gets, and no one will bump into or move your trolley or tut at you because you’re in the way.  And it can save you money, because you get a running total on how much it is costing as you go along. Additionally if you visit mysupermarket.com you can see how much you trolley would be in most of the major supermarkets – great idea!

In – store shopping can be a way to interact with people and meet old (and new) friends. But you can also be tempted by the fresh smell of the bakery, the sight of those lovely looking Gala pies, or the lusciousness of the cream cakes. And what better than getting an offer on Steradent (Denture soak) (wow buy one get three free), because you never know if you might lose your teeth in the future and need them. And how many times do you feel like you’re in the way. The other day my wife was pushing her trolley and a man behind her had a right moan off, because she was in his way! And I know I use them, but when I am in the shop they simply shouldn’t be allowed out. I am talking about home shoppers!

I have undoubtedly seen an increase in the amount of home shoppers in our supermarkets recently, and boy do they wind me up! They think they have a God-given right to push me out the way, stand right in front of me while chatting or checking, and be down every aisle I go down Argh! Yes they are a major wind up for me. (I know its contradictory)

So which wins with me, on-line wins every time. Although that hasn’t always been the case. Prior to my accident when I was able-bodied I didn’t mind traipsing about our local supermarket, but then there wasn’t so many people, and definitely no home shoppers! Of course the fact I am getting slightly older and hit yet another birthday this month has nothing to do with my reduce shopping tolerance! Although some /  many people might disagree!

Which do you prefer shopping on-line or in – store?


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