Another weekend gone!

Weather wise the weekend was a near wash-out, with little let up in the ‘now normal’ constant rain. On Facebook last week someone said they were going swimming at the weekend, I simply asked “Where the back garden of swimming pool”. My attempt at a bit of humour. But our patio area was flooded (well under an inch or so of water) and we live at the top of a hill! So how people in flood ridden areas are managing is beyond me!

As I stated yesterday I have an infection and when I got the phone call about the prescription, they informed me it was at my surgery, and to call up or in to have it sent to the chemist. I duly rung up and was promptly told that in fact it had already been sent to the Chemist (in this case Boots). So I decide I would go to Boots before my visit to the nurse. The morning was dry and at some times sunny, but low and behold when I decide to make a move the heavens open and it teemed down like in the days of Noah! Now I am someone who thinks rain should open happen at night-time – and the sun should shine during the day (I know I’m living in cuckoo land). Anyway as luck would have it I managed to find my umbrella (which is broken), and off I go to Boots thinking rather foolishly that the umbrella would keep me dry.

Ten minutes later I arrive at Boots, only to be told that they didn’t have the prescription! So out in the rain I go again (the grumpiness now clearly showing on my face) to the doctors – which as luck would have it is a stones throw from Boots (if you can throw a stone 300 yards or so). Oh yes they declared we have it here and handed me the green (why green I wonder?) piece of paper. As our surgery was empty and one of the ‘in house pharmacies was empty I decided to pick it up from there, and they had it ready in minutes. Which meant just one thing – back out into the rain, and this time head for the doctor surgery where my appointment was (Our doctor has more than one surgery in and around our town) I wondered on my way to the surgery: What is the point of my umbrella? Not only was one of the prongs broken, but the wind blew it inside out once or twice. And additionally it simply wasn’t big enough! If it had been my jeans legs, and coat wouldn’t be drenched right?

My grand-daughter (the just over one year old, who lives with us) never fails to make me smile, and even though she has two large boxes of toys, if you give her an empty box she seems to have much more fun with it. And while we’re eating she likes nothing more than to play with an empty drinks bottle (squash lid screwed on tightly). But even now at a year old I’m afraid to say that Nanny and Granddad have spoiled her to some extent. We don’t spoil her with gifts and the like, but with ‘letting her get her own way’, although we do stand string sometimes. But all she has to do is give you a glance of those soppy blue eyes, and a big smile and a kiss and she can swing anyone.


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