Confessions from the chocolate box: (Not forgetting Gregg)

As you may be aware I have a wee passion! I usually, though not always satisfy my passion in the bedroom! After all the bedroom is the place where I can get some peace and quiet (not always if little grand-daughter is crying for example). So you may be surprised to hear that I eat in bed! A foul habit I know, but I do! Furthermore, I had a small bar of Cadbury’s chocolate last night, and even though it will last me into tonight, I am increasingly finding temptation of Cadbury’s chocolate hard to resist! So I have a plan! Nestle chocolate is – well let’s say not as nice (I’d rather say awful). So my great plan is that if any member of my household wants (or needs) chocolate, then  they should invest in Nestle chocolate! That is of course unless it’s Kit Kat peanut! Oh my them naughty people at Nestle have found a chink in my armour and have created the fabulous Kit Kat Peanut butter version – and it is THE only Nestle chocolate I actually like. So I guess I must insist that no one ever buys, no mentions Kit Kat peanut butter again!

Of course it won’t work, and I know it won’t work. My son for example (he’s the one who usually buy the treat) has special needs, and often forgets to remember what I have asked him not to buy or to buy (No, it couldn’t possibly be Father syndrome).

My darling wife (of 30 years this year I have to add) a year ago landed herself a job in Gregg’s the baker! And while I can take or leave cakes pastry is something I do like A LOT! I’m fortunate that she is pretty good to me and doesn’t bring home much ‘naughty stuff’ and uses her discount for teas and coffee’s and snacks when we are out and about. Oh yes and she does bring home their Wholemeal bread! Well that was until the only bakers in our town stopped selling wholemeal bread in large loaves. Luckily, we have found Tesco’s cheap version OK (ish) so we have opted for that. Even with the discount it saves money at Tesco, so bargain!

Yesterday I had a phone message from my doctor surgery informing me that they had a prescription for me!  I rung back and asked them to check it, as I had that very morning picked up a repeat prescription from Boots. She then informed me it was for antibiotics as I had an infection! I know, I know two nurses had  said they ‘didn’t think it was infected and luckily one of them had the sense to swab it!  I must admit though the wound itself is pretty clean-cut, with no gunk oozing out it or anything – so I would have assumed the same I guess. So I think I won’t sue this time. I say that jokingly, but I do know someone who would most certainly have a bash at suing – you know who you are! So this afternoon I am visiting the nurse (who swabbed my wound) to have it re-dressed – watch out on Monday if anything ‘untoward’ happened!


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