Shopping, rain, and hair equate to Misery!

Considering we’re in a drought, and our area is one of those who have a hose pipe ban – it has been extremely difficult (if not impossible) to dodge to rain drops this week! Yesterday for example my daughter wanted me to go to the solicitor with her about her break up with the father of her children. Of course it was pouring down which pleased me – boy do I get the huff if I get wet from the rain when I go out, and yesterday was no exception!

So prior to go to the solicitor office we decided to pop into Costa coffee for a quick drink. Luckily Costa is practically next door to the solicitor office as luck would have it. Still having said what she needed to, we left the office for a five-minute walk to Tesco. My oh my yet another one of my pet hates – shopping!

Tesco was not as busy as it is sometimes, but nevertheless it did little to ease my hatred of shopping! But going around I managed to get everything that I needed. Two things of note in Tesco were: A packet of fresh potato wedges with a few days shelf life were reduced to 95p. Meanwhile the packets that were out of date TODAY were still priced at FULL price! And then there was the tine of tomatoes at £1.21 (What £1.21 for a tin of tomatoes?). Buy one tin and they will presumably charge you the full asking price of £1.21. BUT if you buy TWO tins that price goes down to £1.00, saving you 21p if you get double the items! How do they work it out? Meanwhile I hear Asda have dropped their BOGOF offers – shame if you ask me. But has anyone else noticed that prices seem to have rocketed lately? I mean when did a tin of tomatoes become £1.21?

And as if getting in our house wringing wet wasn’t stressful enough, low and behold I hear my wife say “The hairdresser is coming tonight!” Yet another dislike of my, I think I’d rather go to see my in-laws than have my hair cut, and trust me I don’t say that lightly! I mean, what is the point of hair anyway?

I got a free bar of chocolate the other day worth apparently £4.99 or so. It was luxury chocolate with fudge pieces and marshmallows. Of course being diabetic, I wasn’t tempted at all (Yeah right), so I handed the bar to my wife claiming i had paid a few quid for it, but she was worth it of course. When she opened it later in the day I could hardly believe it when she seemed to have eaten half of it, without offering me even a morsel! So I politely asked “Is it nice dear?” “Yes would you like a little (note the little)”. So I took a small piece and she was right it was yummy – a diabetic nightmare I reckon. Not only is the chocolate full of sugar, the marshmallows and fudge pieces were also high in the sweet stuff!,But a little of what you fancy does you good right?

I got a reminder today about my diabetic eye – test next week! Good job too, I had forgotten about it. Which is why I like the text reminders of hospital and doctor appointments!


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