Love it or loathe is, there is no escaping it is a huge part of a lot of people’s lives. And it is also a great way to catch up with people who you may have lost contact with. The later is something I have personal experience of. When I was pensioned off from my job in the NHS following the accident, I lost contact with most of the people I worked with. I was aware that a fair few had moved too, so when I did a search for the name of the hospital I worked for (Ida Darwin), the group threw up several names I recognised. After adding the people  I recognised we caught up of years of ‘no-contact’. It was really good to catch up, and find out what they were up to now and what the years had given them. I also managed to find some other people who I was really ‘close’ to at work, and they linked to others. So all in all I met and found out a fair few from my past job, and enjoyed catching up.

While on the subject of Facebook, it was there that I mentioned on a Diabetes page about my new blog (this one obviously). And they then invited me to write a guest blog article, which I have done and submitted. I assume it will be published in time and I will post it when it is done. That guest blog was published yesterday, so welcome to all my new readers who came here from The Patient Voice.

And another things Facebook is great for is keeping in contact with my family. Even though my grandchildren and daughter live at one end of town and my son at the other with us stuck in the middle, we still use ‘Skype’ on Facebook and keep up a few times a month (we also actually do see each other physically a lot too).

And if you happen to be bored, then Facebook offer a huge range of games to play, and try to beat your friends scores – which can be fun (even though I usually lose). I’ll not even contemplate thinking about how it all works (I’m still amazed at the telephone and television, which baffle me how they work). But it most definitely is one of my favourite things on the internet.

Of course we all hear of the down side of Facebook, with news headlines frequently trying to put people off of the internet phenomenon of Facebook. Such stories of bullying, pedophilia, sexual pictures etc are always being thrown around. And I have only used one app which caused me some alarm, it was a ‘rate my picture’ type app, and one or two pictures I saw were of completely naked people. I Simply rejected the app, and heard no more. And even if you ask me the name of it – I couldn’t remember.


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