Other conditions

Along with my diabetes I have been diagnosed with a few other things, which I’d be interested to hear if you suffer too.

Hypothyroidism which is ten times more common in women than men – so I guess I’m just lucky with that one.

Blood pressure, although I had blood pressure and was put on medication for it; but when I take my own blood pressure at home the reading are ideal (or below). I remember the first blood pressure medication I took – I suffer a side effect of an irritating cough. Luckily the next one was fine.

High cholesterol, along with many other people I am taking tablet for my cholesterol. Obviously working because my results come back ‘OK’

Blepharitus, this is an eye condition that is really irritating and quite painful when it occurs. Diagnosis was a bit of a palaver. I see the doctor who referred me to the hospital where they diagnosed ‘a form of migraine’ despite not having a headache in particular. I told one optician who said it was dry eye. Then finally a D & A optician scanned my eye and declared “You have blepharitus”. It is actually quite debilitating when it strikes, causing my eye(s) to constantly water, and feel like they have a handful of gravel in them. Not being able tot see (due to non stop tears and itchiness).

Vitiligo is a skin condition where the skin loses pigment and you basically need to be very cautious in the sun. The result of Vitiligo sees the skin losing its colour, it is the condition that Michael Jackson claimed made him ‘go white’

Then there is NASH (Which stands for Non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis), which is also and more commonly known as ‘fatty liver’. The build up of fat in your liver damages it and you need to cut down even more on the fat intake

Enlarged spleen, I was told my spleen was very large. I enquired could I just not have a large spleen, and they replied “Not that large”. So I was referred to specialists and was told it was indeed large but nothing to worry about in particular, but it needed an eye kept on it every year via an annual blood test

And of course diabetes, which started off on diet alone (I was 37 at diagnosis), then moved to tablets, and finally moved to insulin and tablets some years back. But it is a terrible condition to manage. For example, on my current regime if I eat half a slice of brown bread then my sugar would probably be OK. But anything more sees them rise. When I was poorly I barely ate anything apart from a teaspoon of fromage frais or a similar amount of rice pudding (anything else was out of the question for me). And even then my blood sugars would rise….

But has anyone else noticed how different ‘DSN’s’ or doctors can give different advice? One told me to eat what I mentioned in the previous paragraph when I felt poorly and not like eating. When another said “Eat half a slice of brown bread”. Which as I explained is fine but when you physically can’t eat anything – brown bread is the last thing you want (for me anyway)



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