Sparky required and junk mail

I’m not particularly brilliant at DIY, but I do like to think that sometimes I can do ‘the odd’ thing. And while I know electrics are a bit of a dicey thing for some people, including me – I am able to the very basic (change light bulbs, change plugs and even change light switches. So when our dimmer switch (which I had put on) finally died after many years, I thought it would be pretty easy to change the switch. I bought one from our local DIY store (I admit I thought they’d only be a couple of quid not £4+) and left it a few days due to my leg not be in a good way.

Finally I got the strength to fix the switch, and after attaching the wires to the device I felt confident! I was wrong to feel this way, because when I put it on – it was as dead as a dodo! Nothing there whatsoever. So I purchased another one thinking I had made a mistake in my first choice, but again this didn’t work, so obviously there is something simple I am overlooking. My next state of call is to open up another light switch to find out how that is fixed, and if all else fails I assume I will have to pay too much money for some professional to come in a fix it for me.

Now another subject that annoys me greatly is junk mail! What right does anyone have to send me a letter that I haven’t asked for, or that isn’t demanding money, or that isn’t from friends and family? OK I realised that when you get a catalogue they will send mail, but thee are three that seem to send more than any other: Simply Be (my daughters), La redoute, and Vertbaudet. And don’t even mention Dominoes pizza!!!! I recall writing a letter of complaint to their head office about the amount of ‘leaflets they posted through my door. In fact it got the stage where I was so wound up with them that I collared a man posting it and told him to return to sender!  So after writing this letter to their head office, what did they do? Stop the rush of leaflets? Send me a cheque?  Apologise? Nope, what they did was to add to  junk being delivered by sending me ‘money off coupons’ “Argh!!!” how thick can some people be? I’m not a pizza lover, in fact I don’t like it although I do eat it in pizza hut from time to time when everyone else wants to go there if we are out and about. Even then I usually stick t the salad bar or opt for pasta.


Tomorrow: My other health conditions


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