As I think I have mentioned earlier I loathe shopping – especially food shopping! Well, let me re-phrase that; I loathe shopping when it’s crowded! I think that last statement says everything really doesn’t it? I know there are many other people who fell the same, which is no wonder. However research would have us believe that women in particular actually like shopping and don’t seem to mind the crowds. I recall watching a programme on TV not too long ago when they ‘wired a man and woman up’ and sent them into crowded shops. The man’s blood pressure went sky high while the woman’s remained normal. The man got ‘short tempered’ while the woman remained calm and seemed to ignore the crowds!

So popping into Sainsbury’s wasn’t a welcoming thought, in fact I was dreading it! But as I needed a few things and also needed to visit my mum who is on that side of the town – it seemed logical to kill two birds with one stone – as the saying goes.

Arriving at the store at 10am (ish) I was worried to see the car park full to almost overflowing. My blood pressure must have gone up at that moment, thinking about the sunder breath swearing that I  would encounter on the inside of the store. But entering the store I was pleasantly surprised to find that in fact it wasn’t too bad at all. In fact dare I say I was quite ‘happy’ (and I use happy very loosely) going around the store.

But I couldn’t help thinking about what a friend had said on Facebook yesterday, about Sainsbury’s  and their ‘basic’ label. Tesco have re-branded their own value as everyday value (everyday sound even better imo) which sounds better than ‘basic’ As my friend said you might be happy to say to someone  “I got a really good value meal” But might draw the line at “I got a really basic meal”.

Today I cheated for my dinner and got a ‘supermarket plate meal’ a roast beef one with Yorkshire puddings. It was a fresh one not frozen, so only time will tell how good or bad it is.

I must confess I haven’t bothered taking my blood sugars today, simply because my blepharitus has been playing up a bit today. Not as bad as it can do, but it feels like there is grit in it.


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