From sore to smelly

It was when I took my artificial leg off on Tuesday evening that I noticed a dreadful smell from the liner. I looked at the dressing and saw there was some leakage on the dressing, so I decided to remove the dressing and the smell was rather nasty. And it had been cleaned that very morning too (as it is every other day).  Thinking I was imaging things or making them perhaps worse than they possibly were, I asked my long-suffering wife to smell and she agreed with me. She nagged me saying I should visit the doctor or practise nurse, and I agreed -in sorts. You see I am one of these people (perhaps a typical male) who thinks ‘it’ll get better’ or “I don’t particularly trust doctors”  rightly or wrongly I have to add. So I now plan to leave it a day or two before visiting, just in case the sore (which has now been present more than four weeks) will ‘get better’ – I live in hopes.

My blood sugar levels still remain out of control, and I struggle. I am back at the hospital in 5 months to resume the care (After forgetting my insulin jabs).  My ideal weight apparently is between 13 and 14 stone, I am a stone over the top one, which makes me overweight I know! But I have stayed that weight for many many years and not gained any, or lost any come to that (Unless I’ve been ill).

I’ve just had an appointment for my diabetic eye test in May, something I love (not) each year…

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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