Easter eggs should be banned

I’m not a great chocolate fan, yes I like a bit here and there but I reckon I could probably lie without it. Which is a bewilderment to me, as I find the ‘chocolate shell’ of a Cadbury Easter egg somewhat tempting! OK Very tempting! Ordinarily I don’t buy Easter eggs, but my children buy them for me (And why would I object to that?). So this year I had three Cadbury’s Easter eggs – and ate the lot. There is something so yummy about that smooth Cadbury’s thin chocolate that I find extremely hard to resist!

But it has to be Cadbury’s, the others are not a patch and I could easily leave those for Father Christmas instead of a mince-pie!

Another love of mine which I have had to reduce is biscuits: Fig rolls, rich tea, digestive, morning coffee you name them I’d eat them… I’m truly looking forward to the day when someone actually develops a biscuit that is sugar-free, low-fat, and positively good for you, I’d be happier then!

Tomorrow: Favourite things including a few treat recipes


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